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Old 12-07-2023, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by greywynd View Post
I had a demagnetizer I made, gutted the armature off a small three phase motor leaving the outer shell. I then hooked the field coils together, I think in series, and added a 120v plug to the end connections. (Check that you have some resistance before plugging it all in.)

The area in the centre can be used to mag/demagnetize screwdrivers, wrenches and the like. Not as convenient as a flat top, but still usable for a lot of things, and most of us can scrounge those parts for free.

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So that is what the motor frame is that is mounted on the surface grinder at work. A demagnetizing field. Now I should be a smart guy at work to magically magnetize coworkers tools.

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Old 12-08-2023, 10:31 AM
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I manage to get by with one of the little plastic doomahickeys with the little stepped down notches on it. I think the last one I got was $5. Put the bit tip in the driver and hit the trigger.

Every new tip out of the box gets the charge, and when it quits picking screws up off the table it goes for another spin.
I've always had more time than money.

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Old 12-09-2023, 10:37 AM
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The best DE-magnitizer I ever found was the big coil that came from an old loudspeaker. It was actually an electro-magnetic field (ie. no permanent magnet) speaker. [Bet that will amaze a few] The coil actually served two purposes. It was a filter choke for the B+ supply as well as the magnet for the speaker. It turned out it had enough impedance ( L + R ) without an iron core to run directly from 120V AC line. I had that in my tool box for ages. Haven't seen it in quite a spell but imagine it's still around somewhere.
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