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Old 12-15-2009, 09:10 PM
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Default Heavy Equipment....and..... Vehicle

NH TC40DA Tractor Rant (Formerly the HF trip thread) Shade Tree Welder ...... Adding oil can damage engine.
Killer dowel pin migwelder05.....1996 dodge 3500 with the cummins


Loader bucket cutting edge replacement. ..... by Shade Tree Welder
Bucket repair AR400 allessence
Gonna get you out of the way!!!!Sucka (snow plow push blade) allessence
Quick attach for Snoop Kubota allessence
new grouser bars on hi-lift willyfixit
Wheelie bars ...... by Smokin Dodge
mini dozer camdigger
My backhoe bucket cam repairs. Lu47Dan
Skidsteer Stump Bucket Build NC Fabricator25
Tractor Ballast Box Build. ~Stick/MIG~
Busy with school but there's still time for fun ....bywumpus138 .... new shank/Tooth on a 30" excavator bucket.
Pallet Fork Build.. ''Quick Attach And 3PH Attach''. ~Stick/Mig~
Thinking Outside The Box wildfire ..... Kubota utility bumper
Axle extend digr
Log/Trailer Hitch For My Tractor. ~Stick/MIG~
Getting rid of the green .....By Ironman ......Electric forklift to hydraulic conversion
Built A Thumb For My Backhoe! ....By ~Sticl/MIG~
Welding cutting edge? ......By Cavalry
Rear blade for the tractor. Charlie C
Mini Bucket Conversion Jksweld
Homemade Heavy built 12" Bucket Vernon
Wanting a Forksnatch, not quite from scratch..... by LW Hiway
Top Soil Screener PA Welder
Welding a frog, need some advice King of Obsolete
The box blade Bender
finished the dump truck + Pics Walker
Built a new toothbar........By DDA52
Replacing a bucket edge-few Matt Shade
6' Tractor Bucket Build by tigman250
Clark resurrection ...........By VW cat
Brush Fork nctox
Welding cutting edge? Cavalry


Line Boring and related

Mag Drill = Portable Milling Machine ......By toprecycler ...boring bucket bushings.
I built a line borer ! by BBchevy396
my version of a line boring machine tigman250
Combination Line Boring Rig and Welding Table Build… by TriHonu
Cat loader center pin rebuild Jeff

Portable Line Boring...anybody done it? jksweld
bushings and pins rhinoabe
4140 Questions SmokinDodge
Repairing a worn pin hole VW cat ....Links on post #7
H-Member Repair on Hitachi EX120 excavator jksweld

Welding Cracked Exhaust Manifolds by stock z/28
Truck frame repair ..... by digr ......pdf manual
Truck frame splice ..... by rmack898

================================================== ==


Aluminum Flatbed Matt Shade

trailer ...... by digr .... Forklift, axle lifting attachment
What is it? .... by panhandle_redneck (valve spring compressor spacer)
The art of procrastination and diesel injection Ironman..... rebuilding Injectors
Diesel fuel injector tester rmack898

Fuel can solution. .... by Shade Tree Welder
One Person Brake Bleeder ..... by Cavalry
Jerry can rack cramd
Car Repair Pit Ramps bigegg
Offroad plate bumper build v7guy
new truck body 22-W ....with crane
Bead Breaker milomilo
What the heck is that?? Do you really need it? allessence lift
Been On Holiday.. Doesn't Feel Like It nuf345 ........ front tractor blade build
Motorcycle tire changer Marcus
Audi WB puller plate.. ...... by allessence
Power Pusher pugsly
Side / End Lift slopdog
Truck Rack DDA52
Elevated corner balance stands. Vicegrip wheel stands (4)
Alternator rebuild and conversion LuDan
Custom Overhead Console by jksweld
Automotive Door Lift .....By slopdog
mobility scooter build pawtech0
Cylinder Carrier, or whatever you want to call it. PA Welder...Truck mount carrier
Headache Rack Matt Shade
Shovel rack for my truck Matt Shade
Bumper for my 06 Dodge Ram tigman250
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers FB Fabrications

Gin Poles? On the back of a trailer? Really? LW Hiway
The Hitch Crane engineman56

================================================== ======


Oil Recommendations for 2013 Chevy Traverse ..... by Pat ............. Dexos approved oil .. Synthetic
Warning about AC Delco Plugs In The Saltbelt Cavalry
ELM327 OBDII scanner rustythe4x4
GM 3 Wire Alternator ..... Cavalry ..... also links to Alternator e-books by others.
Wheel balancing AJinNZ
Bio diesel, not sure if this is where it goes. migwelder05
Bio diesel Questions Pat
Some electrolysis questions... by digger doug ......Discussion

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