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Old 03-15-2019, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by weldor2005 View Post

Real estate to host the crowd, and hopefully not piss off any neighbors that you haven't already made mad.

If you've got any projects in mind that need some help with its a great opportunity to get things going. Who knows, some people might even have some resources that they could help you out with.

I would like to think that as adults we can divide costs of food, or pick different meals to be responsible for.

Beer is nice, but we don't judge our friends whom don't partake.

The possibilities of shooting guns that I haven't before is nice.

Copious amounts of wood burning is a plus.

Then just good vibes.
That all sounds really fun and being able to really get to know a few of the guys is always a plus...

Issues I have is I don't drink at all, but I have no issues whit others who do.
and as much as I like to be able to shoot targets well around here it has recently been added to the cannot do List of county ordinances...

Due to the cry baby city slickers how moved into the Country Hood! from "The Rich Whiney Suburbia" and some of the same folks who moved in out here and bought them a firearm who have no respect for others and not only dangerous to their self but other neighbors... and have no gun safety common sense what so ever...

But there a couple of privileged residents here who do and get away with it not because of who they know but more like whos pole their smoking on...

Other than that, I could care less if my neighbors get upset! If they can do it why shouldn't I be able to enjoy friends, food, and get-togethers now and then it's not like an every weekend or monthly thing like it is with them...

But, I do like to have a big ass BBQ now and then. Or even shrimp an crawfish boil... I don't know about the project thing though that means work and well heck I'd just want to be lazy and forget about work for a little bit...

but some horseshoes and washers could be some fun... yeah I know Boring!
anyway, I'm going to consider it only real big stopper for me is where to put people... if like a weekend thing for anyone who would travel from another part of the state... I have lots of room for a camper or tent but the house is small and full so I'm guessing/assuming that is sort of a show stopper.

But if ppl. were into camping... I'm sure I could use the old fella's farm i do lots of work for, Or another buddies place...
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