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Old 07-31-2019, 03:40 AM
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Default Bought A New Lathe

Well, for my brother actually. As we are both approaching (semi) retirement he's working on equipping his shop at home. The lathe and the mill in our shop are actually mine so he's been on the lookout for something decent for himself.

We live in somewhat of a desert area when it comes to machine tools. There is stuff out there but pickings tend to be a bit on the slim side with prices that reflect that fact. So when I spotted this one on Craigslist a few days ago I knew we needed to check it out.

It's short, probably only 24"-26" between centres, but it's nice and beefy with a very deep and wide frame and a nice wide saddle. The ways have very little wear and the overall condition is very good. It was hooked up and running when we looked at it so we had the opportunity to make sure everything worked like it's supposed to.

It has no clutch; the motor only runs when you actually pull up on the handle to start it. Slipping the handle into the neutral position shuts the motor right off and if you push down on the handle the motor fires right up with the spindle running in reverse. It has brake pedal that seems to work really good.

The lathe is Taiwanese, not Chinese and you can tell in any number of ways. Shifting gears is really positive and you're rewarded with a nice crisp "clunk" when it drops into the selected gear--it shifts far nicer than my Chinese made machine. The hand cranks are all metal, not the annoying plastic ones like my lathe has--I hate them because when you're making lots of hot chips they stick to the rim and can mess up your hand pretty quick.

So he's happy and I am, honestly, a bit envious. If this machine had a longer bed I would have seriously considered buying it and selling my Chinese machine. I don't get a lot of jobs that need the full length of the bed but the odd one pops up so I'll stick with my 40 incher for now.

The lathe cost 1500 bucks which is a very good deal for one in this condition in this area. It has a 3-phase motor and I'm sure that fact plus the short bed are what kept the price and interest down (this machine was on Craigslist for quite a while before we decided to make a move).

The first pic is the actual lathe sitting where we bought it. The second is just a shot I pulled off the net. It has a bit better angle so I thought I'd throw it up here, too...
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