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Old 01-24-2015, 09:40 AM
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Default Another (Yet Same) Happy Wife = Happy Life Fab

In the beginning, there was a narrow 18"x48" tall mirror that was about 1/16 - 1/8" (I never measured it and it is long since gone) mirror that my wife used in college. It was a good mirror for her, she fit in the scope of it, still would i'm sure. But eventually something will inevitable happen to breakable items...

...Then I come into the picture, time to move her from one place to another between years at university, and it was one of the items that needed storing. I only chipped it then, and it wasn't beyond use, so there it lay in storage for a year or so...

...Finally she moved down to Decatur, Il. with me, and the mirror once again needed to be handled. I be damned that it survived the trip on a movers blanket laying flat in the truck bed; Now I would have expected this from a stout 1/4" piece of glass, but not this flimsy thing. And there it sit, in the little garage of the place I was renting.

But once more I decided to move as I am not one for not building equity, and went and bought a house south of the area. The mirror made that trip too, and without another chip that I know of. It after years found itself proudly hanging on a wall once more, in the bathroom of my workshop that I had there. Then came the lay off, and the next move... It didn't make it this time. No, I didn't break it, we left it affixed to that wall.

Fast forward through horrible 5 month stay in a drafty apartment in Grandview, MO. (South of Kansas City), and we once again became home owners. Now, I suspect at this point if you are still reading it is because you see the attached picture and it suckered you in?

Okay, SWMBO, and kept happy, requested a full length mirror that she can use, I tried to plead with her that the one she has on the dresser being 36" tall would suffice if I hang it at the right height, but she wasn't having that. So I bought her a new mirror for Christmas, there it sits, up against the wall on the floor, newly adopted dog (5-8 Yr old Corgi mix, Penny) enjoys looking in it, but that didn't matter for my wife, it needs to be on the wall. So, I got it at Christmas, and you ask why now am I getting to this, well when it comes to things around the house, unless she helps it happens as I feel like it, and her birthday is Feb 3, and I felt like getting some points in by getting it on the wall by then.

Pic 1 - The Layout on the table design..

So, Finally, as if you haven't already skipped ahead to the pictures, here is whats going on, I will have a 3/8" x 1.5" framing structure of aluminum behind the mirror which is 36"W x 48"T x 1/4"D. The cutouts that follow are out of some of that 1/8" I scored. The So called alternate tree of life will have some turned aluminum pegs on it to facilitate her necklaces I suppose, though wouldn't be surprised it if becomes a bra drying rack. I originally had her Name "Renee" across the top, but she rather ed our last name, so "Finch" it is. The Square cut out that it on the table layout is for another project for her, that I need to take advantage of, since it is for a place to sit the laptop on in front of the treadmill for running entertainment, since running is boring. The owl is again for her, not sure where it will go in the house. The Rotated TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) monogram is for me and will likely be mounted offset on pegs on one of my shop walls somewhere.

Pic 2 - Mirror

Pic 3 - Corgi is Penny and other mutt is Buster
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