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Old 02-02-2013, 12:40 PM
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Default Nexgen/ HTP striker problem.. Looking for advice.

Hi Guys. I have a question since this doesn't make sense to me.

Over the year of welding I have owned exactly 3 welding helmets..

An early HF auto dark which after 4 years of living in a dungeon finally gave up. non user replaceable batteries and batteries died.

Next and Optrel Satelite which lasted 4 years without any issues till the batteries went dead.. Then Optrel sent me a new ADF for free.. A newer model at that.. Love the new blue true screen..

Then I bought an HTP Striker Digital which is a Jackson nexgen clone as a replacement when I didn't know Optrel was going to send me a new ADF.
This one has replaceable batteries and I've had to replace the batteries twice in 2 years..

Few days ago I decided to change the batteries and face plate and when I removed the inside ADF holder which you have to remove to replace either of the things the tabs that retain the ADF snapped on the front of the retainer. The helmet is supposed to have a 2 year warranty..

So, I emailed HTP and asked them what is the part #'s so I can get a new holder.. They sent back that the holder is 4.95 and 5.95 for shipping..

Now here is the part I don't get..

When I looked for the receipt for the helmet to make sure I gave them the correct model and is when I noticed the helmet has a 2 year warranty..

So, I get an email giving me the part numbers from HTP with the price.. So I send back and email asking if this would be covered under warranty..

I got back a response saying... NO it is not a warranty item and is considered a consumable like a front shield or inner shield...


This ADF retainer is considered a consumable?

Now I'm a little concerned... What does this say about the helmet?

Anybody else have an issue like this? What does everybody think about this?

I like the helmet but I don't considered an ADF retainer a consumable.

The HF was 4 years old and the retainer was like new when I scrapped the helmet..

Optrel gives me a new ADF when the old one dies.. Completely out of warranty..

I've done business with HTP/USAwelds and have nothing but great things to say about the company until now.

Anybody else having problems with the ADF retainer on their Nexgens?

I don't want to sound all bitchy when I email HTP back but I really don't see how an ADF holder/retainer is considered a consumable?
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