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Old 06-09-2019, 12:48 PM
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This weekend I got the septic hooked up and got a garden hose rigged to get water into the house. Still working on the water system as the previous owners manifold and globe valve assembly for livestock waterers had to go. Also the air seeder hoses connecting every thing. Air seeder hose is ok as a water line and is easy to work with and cheap, and I may use one piece, but I'm a pex kind of guy.

Finally completed the molding trim, and transition strips for the laminate floor we stuck into the bedrooms.

There is no such thing as paying too much money for a trim installer, IMHO.

I am going to redo the main power connection to the house as the box I used was too small to properly bend and fit 1/0 wire and make the job look like I want to see. I bought a new Ace gutter box and 100 amp terminal blocks in it. That will be installed sometime this week.
The kitchen table went over this morning, and we tried out this robotic vacuum that the kids bought us. The frickin thing wandered around for a while, went to the front door and tried to eat a doormat and sat there pouting with the mat hanging out of it. Back to the drawing board.
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