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Old 03-16-2020, 08:15 AM
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I debated a lot on how heavy to make it and I decided that I should go overkill for a couple reasons.
1. This tractor occasionally gets left in a wheat field over night and during that time of year we occasionally get pop up storms with winds 70mph or more.

2. The tractor pulls a stack wagon with 105 bales of hay/straw on it up and down the road going about 18mph. There is very poor visibility behind the wagon when it is loaded with hay both for the tractor driver, and for the idiots in cars that don't want to be stuck behind him. I figure if it offers any rollover protection at all that would be a big bonus. The tractor is very heavy and I am sure the top of the canopy would crumple easily but I think the posts might give a guy a fighting chance. He is considering putting a wireless backup camera on the stack wagon now, and mounting the screen on the canopy so he can see what is behind him. Making left turns into a field is kind of scary as you don't know if there is a car about to blow past you.
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