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Old 02-11-2020, 03:01 PM
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I have a hot hi pressure washer. They make 120V models and 240V in 2 classes, 30A and 50A All 3 use a spark transformer along the way, the 120 V uses 2A and has 16 leads. Mine comes factory plug, the transformer uses 1A but has 14 leads and all controls in the machine are 14. The 50A model uses the exact same parts except any leads and controls are number 12. The30 comes cord and plug, it seems the 50 come whip or site supplied connection but was limited 50 per instruction manual. The build manuals were customized with parts sheets per model size. I believe the only additional protection on the machine is burner fan motor has a thermal reset. Whoops,,, its a heavy Baldor motor and does have its own thermal. Didn't remember it till this thread.
But this is back to the original point somewhat. Difference between thermal,,, when and where and short circuit.
Breaker provides short circuit within the machine and instead of adding extra widgets and fuses is simpler to change 18 inches of wire to a size larger. Don't have to use fuses sensitive to the load, only within the short circuit rating of the wire.
Fixture wires are rated like this, 3 number 16 wire nutted to a 12 in a bathroom fixture on a 20A breaker, now led uses less power but still need heavy enough wire to be allowed on 20. I ran across a lamp cord used as a switch loop a while back. It worked for 60 years

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