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Old 10-28-2018, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Nomoreusmc View Post
Just cracked this can of excaliber 7018mr,
Straight from awg just like God intended. First bead is on the right. First chunk of the bead I ran was at 122 amps, I kicked it up to 128 second chunk of the bead and it just got worse from there. Plates where cold.

I have been working with the hot start and arc force. I set them back to my old settings and if you look at the back bead on the left, at the end of the bead it started spitting. I was pretty frustrated, so I quenched and took a deep breath and I was laying down some pretty good beads at 125amps but it sticks 3/4 down the rod.

Brand new rod, tight arc.... Wtf? I am going to be reset my machine to factory and try again. Attachment 147263Attachment 147264

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#1 most professional welders I know here will never burn a rod but half way and then toss it which is something I will do on a job where the nice looking beads matter could also be you are sticking due to an issue in the duty cycle of the machine or your may have improper power supply causing amperage fluctuation good number of reasons your rod will stick and one being not staying in the puddle correctly/ positioning etc.
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