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Old 09-30-2018, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Farmersamm View Post
I mean Hell, look at this crap

I got metal blowing everywhere near the end of these multi pass welds. I'm running at about 175amps with 5/32 rod. A real mess. You can literally go through 2 inches of rod trying to fill in the hole you're digging. Have to really fight it to make it turn out right.

You can beat that crap if you weld in from both sides, but I don't like having 2 cold starts on one weld.
Hell now days I'm not to particular about how my welds look if its my own stuff although I still beat my self up over it when I see it.. telling my self I cant believe I settled for that although its my personal crap...

But when it belongs to a client and will reflect on my work reputation I get a bit anal because it has to be perfect in every way...

but the older I get and worse my sight gets it a bit harder to color inside the lines
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Old 10-06-2018, 05:45 PM
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I can't figure out why people are still using single shield flux core. Dual shield flux is so much better, and the stuff requires 35 cfh min so taking it outside IMO is pretty easy. I used hard wire all the time outside when I was converting shipping containers into showers and office buildings for the troops.

I find myself thinking about all sorts of things instead of sleeping and the older I get the worse it gets.

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