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Old 02-17-2024, 03:23 PM
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This was why I bought the 1500 Nomad. I tried my neighbor’s Road King and the clutch wasn’t easy enough for me. I would have paid a couple thousand more for the HD if they had a hydraulic clutch.

Also the belt drive was a turn off.

As it turns out, The Nomad driveshaft system was too small for the weight of the bike. Bevel gear bearings would fail from hotrodding it. This is what happens to a good design when you make it bigger and start adding weight.

To be fair, lots of conservative riders went over 100k miles, while I cooked my driveshafts every 25k & bevel drive bearings in under 50k. I changed mine the first time they overheated the clutch slave cylinder. The clutch fades, then cools off ok & works.

If you miss that clue you can grenade the bevel drive!

To be fair, those were not highway miles. I commuted crosstown, dragging at all the red lights with commuter cars.

Now that I am retired and don't commute, the 2004 Nomad will outlast me.
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