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Old 03-29-2013, 08:18 PM
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Allessence, Yes it was a bid job. Not a big loss, I bid 4 more jobs on Thurs.
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Old 03-29-2013, 10:18 PM
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I remember when i bid a job for an aluminum weldment which i had did the same job at work with a Miller Deltaweld 452 and Miller water cooled gun with zero problems. Then they wanted to farm out the work and i bought a new Miller and spoolgun and had a tough time doing it at home but i got it done. But i have never ran either welder you talk of...Bob
Bob Wright
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Old 03-30-2013, 12:01 AM
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I kept asking him if he had to go, his answer was I am doing the
most important part of my job working with customers. I placed my order for
my Dynasty 300DX that day.
You know, I've always found that someone, somewhere within a company(depending on the branch/location) will be up to date on what's what and what can do what, why and any particular you can think of.

My usual haunt for an LWS is the National Welding chain. A branch here in Lake Chuck, Jennings, Lafayette, New Iberia etc etc.

I've had some good info here in Lake Chuck, not so much of anything in Laf. and driving to New Iberia from here or the shop is a good 2 1/2 hr pos drive.

Now here's the good news. In Lake Chuck I was picking up my first roll of .045 wire and they had a run at one of the plants down for a 'turn around'. Not one inch of .045. in anything. Crap!

Told the nice gent across the counter to let me know if Laf or N.I. had what I wanted and that I'd drive there after stopping at the country home/shop for coffee.

He mentioned that it would be silly to drive all that way when I could stop in the little village/town of Mermantau on Hiway 90, about 3 miles out of the way if not taking I-10 to the farm. I was surprised and said I had no idea. I pass through that town a couple times a month and never saw it. Said it was right off 90 by 30', can't miss it. Said that branch was actually larger than his as there is a fair sized shipyard on the river and does a heck of a business.

Sooooo. I headed toward the shop and stopped in Mermantau. Talking with the store rep/areas mangr. and letting him know that I had a 350P, he took me in the back and proceeded to show me a few things I might not have known, but might use around the farm. 3 hrs later I finally made it to the farm. Not only did he know the machine, he was a welder and made that thing work.

He had two setup, one for the shipyard running 1/16" wire, the other .045 and yes, I finally heard the cooling fan come on on a 350P. Said he was not having problems with the customer pushing the envelope on duty cycle a few times a day.

As I paid for my big boy spool of .045 he reached under the counter and gave me a 3/4 full spool of the same wire that was on the customer machine that they changed out to the bigger wire. That was a heck of a discount on wire. So I bought another liner and more tips etc for the 350 to say thanks.

That is my regular store now when I call to see what's in stock and who has what I need. Most times he gives me shit for not retiring and working at the farm/shop full time and have some fun for a change.

You cannot beat a good contact with a welding rep. It makes life decidedly that much easier.

Personally, business wise, if you cannot depend on a rep within a drive locally and phone calls for pertinent info, then I guess you've got the wrong color machines. Find a color that has support in your area or your screwed.
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