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Old 07-18-2022, 01:27 AM
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All the local metal suppliers I talked to when sourcing steel weren't able to help me so I just moved forward with random 1" plate. I kind of regret that now that it was 10+ hours of cutting time on the bandsaw but at least progress is being made Can always make a better version in the future, this one's low budget as possible.

I was originally trying to get a hardening stainless steel but nobody had any. Even just regular stainless was an issue, because they can't cut 1" plate on their brake - they wanted to waterjet cut it, then the prices start getting crazy. Multiple places didn't bother responding to quote inquiries. Metal shop guy on the phone said regular stainless won't bend or crack against bone.. seems like BS, dunno.

Hardfacing sounds like a good easy solution, didn't know about that. As long as there's no really poisonous compounds that could get into the meat (micro chips or from contact, etc) I'm trying to keep things food grade as possible. How thick does the welded layer need to be and what kind of alloy is it?

Adding hardened tool steel teeth is an option I considered and I think would work well. Making 32 teeth then welding them all on is too much work though.

Here's the case hardening method I planned to use -

I don't want the teeth to be too brittle so I think if I temper it afterwards it may have better results.

Added a mock up image of the grinder.

-Single shaft design
-Very compact shredding chamber
-4x 1" thick blades with 8 teeth on each
-2 hp motor
-1:160 planetary gearbox
-feed chute like a juicer (press to apply the cutting force)
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