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Old 05-03-2013, 09:04 PM
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I was considering a 300 gallon tote. the guy I talked to said he just used a barrel and a submersible pump
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Old 05-03-2013, 10:59 PM
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Head pressure is head pressure. The real key is to measure from the top surface of the water in the barrel or tote. Even with siphoning, a 20' difference of elevation will net you roughly 8 psi. Then as the tank supply dwindles, your elevation difference is still shrinking. A 3' barrel sitting next to your drill will net you 3/100*42 psi (1.26 psi) when it's full, less as it drains.

I'd go with the pressurized can, one hole at a time.
Bill in sunny Tucson

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Old 05-04-2013, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
I tink ya got's it bass ackwards...

.47 psi ( per foot)

roughly 1/2 psi per foot of elevation.
You are probably right, did a bit of googling and it appears flow and fluid weight are big players in this. More flow = more static psi. I guess volume gives velocity and can convert to pressure.

They have a chart here to save brain strain
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Old 05-07-2013, 08:11 AM
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I have used a 55 gallon barrel and a little Giant pump for years.
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Old 05-07-2013, 08:04 PM
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Karl, buy a three gallon garden sprayer, take the wand off it add a hose barb to the end of the hose and a ball valve, then add a short section of hose and a union to connect the hose to the water spud. Use good hose clamps.
I have core drilled through 12" of concrete foundation wall,6" holes, with a couple of fill ups.
If the wall is decorative, you do not want large amounts of concrete smut flowing down over the wall. I drilled a few hundred holes on one job site running just enough water to keep the concrete dust turning into paste the consistence of pudding. It was easy to scrape up the smut and haul it away.
Good luck!
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