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Old 02-20-2021, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by karl-nc View Post
single acting instead of double acting? I know very little about hyd
Ok, here is the deal you need a DC pump unit to supply your wheel lift. Hydraulics are actually pretty simple if you break down what you want to accomplish plus what you need to accomplish what you want to do. basically it's high pressure plumbing nothing more. So, you need a 12 volt DC hydraulic power source to run a 3-spool open center hydraulic valve. An Open center valve is exactly what it sounds like. Pump flow runs through and open center valve more or less in Idle Mode until you need it. When you pull on your sectional valve to run your wheel lift. Flow is blocked and diverted to whatever lift circuit you have actuated. So, now it picks up your stinger on the hoist. Release the sectional valve and flow just dumps back to the tank in idle mode again. The pump combo you listed will work fine you just need to physically actuate the control valve in one direction and block it going through your open center valve and stash the control box for later projects cause it's now irrelevant. Everything will be controlled at the open center valve except for main pump power. Put it on a heavy duty switch and go for it.
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