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Old 07-30-2022, 05:30 PM
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Default Timing belt replacement, Honda 3.5L

I'm hoping there are some mechanics here that know their way around timing belts:

I have a 2009 Honda Pilot with a 3.5L engine. The timing belt had been replaced at 105K, but now we're at 230K.

The other day, driving home, it started to make some engine noise. Almost home though, so we just drove it home, it drove fine... just noisy.

After using a stethoscope, we determined that the noise was coming from the timing belt area. I pulled the top front cover off and the belt looked tight, but when I started the engine, I could see the belt wiggling like crazy. All diagnosis leads to a bad TB tensioner, so I ordered a whole kit:
Timing belt
Tensioner pulley
Idler pulley
Water pump.

The parts came in and I started to pull bolts.

When I got the crankshaft pulley off, then pulled the lower TB cover off, small metal parts fell out also.... that's not good...

The front TB Idler pulley had the ball bearings falling out and was completely shot... No problem, I have that part to replace. At least I know exactly what the problem is.

New problem:
When I turned the crankshaft to line up the timing marks, the front cam mark was off about one tooth, and the rear cam was off by about 3 teeth. I think the cam pulleys slipped a few teeth when the idler pulley let go. I'm not sure how it could still run that far out of time, but it was. (maybe that's not as far out of time as I think...?)

Can I just remove the TB, manually turn the cams the little bit needed to line up, then reinstall all the pulleys and belt again?

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