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Old 12-15-2009, 11:41 AM
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Default 2009 Misery

I have not posted for a long long time. The year of misery and I can't wait for the year to be over with. Moved the shop five times in 14 months, can you believe that. It was so bad in the summer, that I moved out of one shop put everything in storage for 5 weeks, sat on my deck and drank beer and saved money. Laid off two guys in the spring and kept my right hand man, paid him half wages for the time off, re opened in a nice shop in the perfect area on Sept 8.

Been steady since then. Actually made money for the three months so far, after loosing money every month this year and late last fall.

Don't know whats in store for after the holidays, but if it dies down too much it will be time to close the shop and sit out this recession. My rent here is expensive and I will not carry the shop due to funds are dwindling away.

Word out in my area, is that alot of shops are slow to extremely slow, these are shops that have been going for ten plus years and were always usually busy shops. They say the economy is picking up or set to pickup, time will tell.

Fleets are starting to spend money, but they are very tight with the jobs. Absolutely no gravy in any of the work. Hopefully, with the coming bad weather some good insurance work will come our way. Thats is getting tougher too with all the East Indian shops paying off adjusters and having the work directed to thier shops. Does not help with alot of shops lowballing like its a normal way of doing business.

I am in a good position with this new shop and the area that I am in, have no debt and can live very cheap, so all this helps in keeping things rolling.

I signed a two year lease here, my kid should be outta the house in two years, going to the army college, think I might hang it up then if the struggle continues like it has the last year or so.

Still doing all the same work, doing a pete today shortening the frame 26 inches so the guy can haul a 53 reefer cause there is no flatbed work. He has to finance that with the high interest loan guys, if he gets declined he goes on the payment plan with me lol.

Finished our showtruck last summer, still waiting for the bill to get paid, comes in drips and drabs. Did a neat Volvo big truck rv puller with a deck for a smart car few months back, should post some pics. Customizing my own truck to haul my fiver too.

I'II post some pics.
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