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I have 2 Powermig 255's one with spoolgun, a Tig 355 and a Tig 255 as well as a few small portable machines if needed. So if we had a max class of 8, I would have four start with tig and 4 start with mig and switch at lunch. They can partner up for the hands on and help each other with our direct supervision. So worst case scenario 2 per machine. To me just burning wire (like padding) is worthless for a short class. Most of my guys will be looking to fix things and work on personal projects so we can concentrate on the weld prep, proper tack sequencing, heat control, and why's and werefore's not just "do it this way because I said so" If time permits I will also try to incorporate a small weld test based on AWS D1.1 so they can see their own results.
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