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Rebar comes in different grades. There is rebar that has enough carbon to harden like glass (grade 60 IIRC, its mostly recycled rail axles from what I was told).
When I was in college one of the welding labs had a project where you had to forge a cold chisel with the idea being that you would learn forging, heat treating, and dye penetrate testing for quality control.
The quarter that I took it we got drops from a company that made wrenches and everyone got a piece of hex shaped stock. The following quarter they got a load of rebar delivered, the professor told me it made better chisels than the wrench drops.
The run of the mill rebar you pick up at home depot is not hardenable, but there is definitely stuff out there that is. I am always careful to test it when I use scrap stuff because I've gotten a few pieces over the year and had it harden when I didn't want it to.
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