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Default How to straighten a bent fence post

Hello all:
any suggestions on how to straighten this fence post? The sanitation truck hit it trying to make the turn, backed up and kept going. Have it on video with a nice clear shot of the driver's face. The other nice thing is after the jerkoff hit the fence and drove off, the tenant's pit bull got loose and was wandering the neighborhood. Luckily somebody knew the dog and brought it back before it decided to eat somebody.

The company that put the fence up doesn't seem to want to come fix it, I guess if we're not handing him $5K for the fence, it's not worth his while. We called another fence company and they pretty much have the same attitude as the first guys. The tenant is going ape shit because he can't let his dog out because he's afraid it will get out or hurt itself trying to get out.

So anyway, I'm going to try to jury rig it back together enough to get the tenant off my back until I can come up with somebody that will repair it. Not a fence guy, barely know enough to be dangerous. From what I saw, it's a piece of pipe stuck in the ground with concrete poured around the bottom for support. I don't think the pipe is heavy wall but I could be wrong. The pipe bent at the concrete when the truck hit it. I will be out of town next week so I only have Sunday to work on it before I hit the road.

Here's the methods I was considering trying:
  • Stick a piece of black pipe down the inside of the bent pipe and try to pull it back into place as a lever
  • Stick a piece of black pipe down the pipe that is still straight to stiffen it, put another piece of pipe down the bent one, leaving enough sticking out for leverage purposes and use a ratcheting tie down to pull the bent one back into place.
  • Depending on whether or not the concrete base got shifted out of place, cut the bent pipe off flush with the concrete, stick a piece of black pipe down the hole with enough sticking up to hold either the cut off pipe or a new fence post suitably sized to match the existing pole.

Any other suggestions or any of those methods sound feasible? Thanks.
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