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there is no way to disengage the anneal function button whether in the cam drop or not. The anneal is aways active.

there is a way to lock the anneal button in for use with the etching tool.

But, it worked perfectly the last time I used it which was about 6 months ago.

I do understand what you mean by the anneal button when in the cam is deenerigized.

There were no missing or broken parts I could see or run trace on.

Now with the information you supplied I will take a closer look, but I spent about 3 hrs just looking and seeing and such. I took off the front plate, pulled the motor assembly, cleaned and lubed the gears.

I did not see an arm to disengage the contact from the anneal button. It does have a lockup so once the weld button is pushed it's a go, until the cam is activated.

the motor spinning around does activate the roller for the cam but all it does is click as there is a linkage but is not connected directly to the anneal function so just spins right on by.

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