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I had a 78 Ford F-100 with a straight six.

You could sit on the wheel well with one foot on the bell housing and
one on various places up front and work on the engine in comfort.

Someone needs to do that again with a vehicle.
What I am doing and the way the engine is tucked way back into the firewall, the only way I can comfortably work is to sit on the LH battery box and my left foot on the steering crossover link. The batteries, fan and shroud are the first things pulled. As for the bell housing, you can't even see it.

What did parts run you for this job?
Too much. Injectors are $175 ea, glow plugs under $10 ea, both pipes about $220 for the set. Since I'm this far into it, another oil cooler ran about $270 and the manifold gaskets set $95. I'm not counting the AE scanner, that will come in handy for the other Fords I own and in my extended family.

Long day, hot day, but productive. I didn't realize that the up-pipe and the y-pipe I ordered are shipped with no heat shield. Sorry, no pics, but the brackets for the heat shields were cut off the old pipe and welded to the new. Pipes are installed, injectors and glow plugs in, valve covers and the manifold are back on. It may run tomorrow, or I may screw off and do something else.
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