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Originally Posted by astronut View Post
I dont know anything about coal but I think you are whining, bitching, crying about coal that is going to be free to you! If you are that worried about it, dont accept it and goes pay your money for the other coal! Looking a gift horse in the mouth is the saying!
Whoa...........back off a little there sparky...

Originally Posted by Dr Dean View Post
...The spilled coal is probably anthricite from the powder river basin. It will work but it will be hard to light, hard to keep going, and make a lot more clinker...
I don't think there's any anthracite coming out of the Powder River Basin. As far as I know it's all bituminous or sub-bituminous; both of which are excellent for blacksmithing.

...It might turn out to be decent stuff you won't know until you try it...
Yup, just fire some up and see what happens...

Measure twice and cut once...or...wait, was that the other way around?
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