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My first go would be all ends of the battery cables, starter relay if there is one, starter motor brushes/contacts. All chassis grounds.

I had an F450 that corroded the big flat ground strap, (mud, road salt and ice damage.) It looked OK but wouldn't pass any current. one by one, burned off all the smaller ground straps. Dash lights died, tail lights and trailer light plug started blowing fuses. erratic ignition, All manner of silly complaints.

Finally the starter quit and the ignition box melted all the black goo down the firewall.

While power washing prior to starting the repair troubleshoot process, I found several ground straps blowing in the wind . Fixed all the grounds, cable ends and battery clamps, found a bad diode in the alternator, fixed that, re brushed the starter motor, all was again well in the kingdom.

Happy hunting.

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