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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post

If it says DC power input, I would assume that the stick welder is used and the ground wire goes to the work and the electrode wire is hooked up to the machine.
Similar to running a wire feeder off of a mig/stick box. My guess is that any CC welder will be in the correct power range.
Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
Welcome Russ,

Question would be, can you get the studs that will work in this machine, and have a big enough welding power source for the size you want?

Like Milo said, probably will not need listed amperages welding to sheet metal though. You would just keep turning it down til you stop blowing holes in the sheet metal, and the studs are attached as strong as desired.

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Being totally unfamiliar with this process, I did some DuckDucking and found quite a few articles and sales sites. I picked this one at random to read the specs. It is their single phase model.

The problem with getting "that any CC welder will be in the correct power range." or "big enough welding power source" is that this ProArc 800 unit supplies a range or 400 - 900 amps for a pulse ranging from .05-.6 seconds duration. I also see that the timer is built into the power supply in this brand, not into the gun or into the Erico unit, as it appears to be.
The three phase model supplies up to 1300 amps for welding to material up to 5/8ths inch thickness.

It appears to me from this surface scan that these welders require a pretty specialized power supply capable of supplying precisely regulated and unusually high amps in very precisely timed bursts.
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