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Default Seed plant plate valve

I haven't posted a project for a while, house is eating the clock for me. I ended up with a new customer that I did not want to brush off, so I have been doing dome work for a seed cleaning plant. They seem as grateful as a puppy, and it turns out their machinery is full of parts that are no longer made. So they have been flogged to the point where they don't run. Shafts half worn through from crap rubbing on them. But clean, everything is clean, no mud or cowshit.

Except they had a drunk Satan worshiper that thought he could weld, and I had to remove some of his welds with a cold chisel. The blobs are big enough that they hurt to step on with running shoes.

So this project is a chute at the bottom of the bin. 8 inch square hole where it bolts to the bin, and it makes an elbow and reduces to 5x5 square. In the 5x5 section they had a plate butterfly for shutting off the grain flow. This would sooner or later have straw or crap wound up in it and stop working and they had to take it apart and shovel up the grain spill to clean the butterfly.

My plan is for a sliding plate at the 8x8 opening. I chiseled and ground out the offending welds, and re-welded it in areas that affect my contribution to the critter.
In pic 1 you can see the square butterfly and the discharge chute.
In the second picture are the slide rails I attached to put a 1/4" steel slide plate on.
In the last picture is the slide plate in place with the rails made of 3/8" round stock and a grain deflector welded above them to divert the flow over the rail and keep the plate from flipping out.
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