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Originally Posted by astronut View Post
Moe, what is he wanting to learn to TIG on? Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. If just steel or stainless steel he could go old school with just a dc welder and a Tig torch with a gas valve knob. It would of course be a scratch start instead of a hi-freq start. I did it that way for many of years of off an Airco Dip Stick 160 and a Lincoln Ranger 8 engine drive. Horror fright has the titanium dc welder for about $249 right now and a Tig torch with gas valve knob should not be too expensive to keep him under $500 I would think.
He wants to do a little bit of all metals...He's single, has money and I get to use the toys too...

I have had a Lincoln tomb stone AC welder for many years. Always thought about getting a HF unit and mod it...
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