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Default Help on Miller Bobcat 225 10,000w

Hey guys I'm new on here and I have a question about my Miller Bobcat 225. Where my leads plug into I'm only getting 2.4 volts. It does not want to arc. If I put the settings to Wire + and 19-28 volts at max. I can weld a little.
I have checked fuses, I cleaned the brushes, I've unhooked and cleaned all my contact points, I checked the capacitor with a tester and its good. My rheostat gets from about 20 to 30 volts. I have checked and cleaned my R2 resistor. My rpms are about 3,600. I took apart my SR1 rectifier and cleaned it. I get power to my 120v and 240v plugs. They work fine. I have know idea what to check now. If someone could provide me with more info I would really appreciate it. I do have a print out manual of this welder.
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