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Originally Posted by Matt Shade View Post
Being busy with paying work would be a good thing

Are horses up your way growing hoof like crazy all of the sudden? We came out of winter and things went wild. The farrier for the farm has been out twice a week all month and I've been doing a lot of extra stuff to get by in between his visits.
Because of specializing in Barefeet horses the horses will grow the same amount of hoof all year round... It was one of the things I found when I was able to get horses feet healthy. 3/8 to 1/2" per month is what they will grow all year long.

There are 2 times a year that the feet will slow down briefly this is in the fall when the winter coat comes in and again when the summer coat comes in. The same nutrients needed for hair growth are the same ones needed for hoof growth but the coat is needed more so the energy goes to this instead.

Because we have cold winters and frozen ground the hoof will grow a thicker sole to protect itself during this time. The epidermal layer of the hoof (hoof wall and sole) will get longer (thicker sole) but once the ground changes and the weather becomes wetter the hoof sole will shed out as the extra protection is no longer needed (hoof health and length is based on protection only in a natural foot).

this shedding out of the winter sole will leave the outer hoof wall exceedingly long leading to 1/2" to 3/4" of excess hoof length or more depending on methodology.

If the horses are allowed to have ample forage over really abrasive/tough terrain this extra hoof can be worn off as the winter sole sheds out.

Problem is very few places have amply tough terrain for this natural shedding to take place and in comes the farrier lopping of this extra hoof wall and exposing a thinner summer sole to full exposure of the terrain.

The spring here is the most important time of the year to ride and ride hard as this behavior will take that winter thick sole and create a summer thick sole without the shedding of the winter sole and then having to wait for the summer sole to grow in and become tough sole callus.

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