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Default Hydraulic "scale"

Back when I was a pup, in an old popular mechanic's magazine, I found a set of plans for a hydraulic scale. I built/machined one and used it to measure tongue weight on my various trailers and even individual static wheel weights on race cars. No calibration required because, IIRC, according to the original plans, the only variable was oil temperature/viscosity, and that was not easily measurable.

Over the years, I've lost it and a second one I fabricated. The one from the original plans read up to 1500 Lbs. (gage limit) It was a very simple design, a piston with an area of 1 inch, 2 sealing "O" rings and a cylinder with a total capacity of ~2 OZ of mineral oil, (likely because it was kind to the "O" rings of the day) and a threaded port to accept an adapter and the 1500 Lbs. gage.

As with so many things I search for lately. I can't find something like this commercially available, or even a set of plans. (yes, I looked in the archives of PM)

I want to use this idea, but expand the weight limit to 24-2500 Lbs. use a bigger diameter gage face and, I assume better, or at least higher rated, seals with the higher reading gage.

What I need to know is what type / size/ composition "O" rings or hydraulic seals do I need to update this design, and any other point's I'm missing.

I know you guy's love to play "what if" so lets go "pencils up"

Thanks RED
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