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posted by: Franz

Damn Cutter, that subliminal thought transferr process I did on you worked. I'm gettin better at it.

For you speed freaks, don't even think of hooking up the DC welder to get faster results. It is possible to boil the solution, and that really sucks in a plastic tank. NO, I didn't do it, and had I been the speed freak who did, I certainly wouldn't have posted that brilliant move.

I thought Soap Operas were supposed to drag along and keep you watching more commercials.
You too can have a supply of Uncle Franz's new and improved Secret Electrolyte concentrate shipped direct to your door, for only $99.95, plus shipping, handling and anything else we can think of. If you order within the next 15 minutes we'll include instructions for cooking hotdogs with an electric cord and 2 nails.


posted by: fla jim

Just don't cook your hot dogs on a "steel Bench"


posted by: Franz

Given where YOU work Jim, I wouldn't cook anything on your bench.


posted by: Newb

Cutter, just make sure if this continues to soap opera that you don't start doing this topless. Or at least if you do, please don't post the pics.


posted by Cutter 03-18-2004

What you better hope is that I don't do it in shorts.

I decided it was time to hang this old sucker up to get rid of all the air & hydrogen gas pockets on the inside, assuming that is the problem as Paychk suggested about 4 days ago. So I grunted it out of the tub one more time and dollied it over to the log splitting area where I have an old canopy frame set up that I can hang the war-stretcher from. I rinsed out a garbage can and lowered the vise down so that it is just touching the bottom & started a fresh batch of soda water. I brought another charger home so I can start the smaller parts in the other tub. They should clean up fairly quickly.

Five minutes later all that nice clean water had turned milky with lots of green scum floating around (11am Wednesday). I wonder if that might be grease from the threads? And just for grins I grabbed my camera & took a 5am (Thursday) nite-vision shot. Look at all that fresh brown slime! Surely it's coming from the cavity because there just wasn't that much left on the outside. Of course, I switched to a rusty chain & a foot or two of it is immersed now but still, there is a lot of rust in that water.

Question about the long nut???

So now I have a question for the other members of the Monster Vise build team: Can anyone tell me how to remove the long nut? It will wiggle up & down or side to side but it will not turn right or left. I don't know if it is pinned or screwed in place?

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