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Originally Posted by allessence View Post
Over the years I've looked at EU welders and they have been more advanced as to what is being offered.

the Miller dynasty series of inverters are actually based on European models a few years older. With this in mind I think it maybe a decent machine. Problem becomes if one needs any parts.

I'm supposed to go back on Friday to see it in operation.
Really? Not so much... I strongly suggest you stick to Red or Blue...
maybe Yellow... Yellow = EASB and is the only EU welder I would
purchase and trust. Just because they put fancy digitial displays and
knob on things does not mean it is more advanced. A local mfr welding
alot of aluminum bought some Mig unit, forgot the name F-something.
They needed and I quote, "A fucking eletrical engineer could not
figure this damned thing out." Why I remember that quote is the
guy who said it never ever cusses.

I have been in many manufacturing plants in the EU half the time you
see Miller's and Lincoln's in European plants (more Red than Blue) and
1/2 the time you see something European and that is mostly Yellow.
When I see EU machines in a US plants (and I would not run out of
fingers counting the number of times that happened) they are often
off to the side waiting on parts, or just forgotten like a bad hangover.
But my point is you almost never see EU machines (except ESAB/yellow
mentioned above) in US plants and see significant Red and Blue in the
EU. That alone should tell you loads.

I would think real hard on that decision.

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