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I was looking into this awhile back and decided an inverter was a better
choice for me. I was buying new either way. But if you have a machine
and need power that is a different story.

To run a resistive load which is what welders are, high current draw for
extended times the RPC mfr's all said the same thing derated them 70-80%.

Sooo... you need 52 good amps. You need a RPC that has a name plate
rating of:

(52)/(70%)=74 amps
(52)/(80%)=65 amps

Between 65-74 amps and you should be good to go!

I have a unit from these guys:

About 10 years old and not one issue with it! Runs great. Was too quite so
I added a pilot light on it. Great Support after the purchase, when I was
installing it, I call and the talked me through it.

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