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Default Good Idea Tricks & Tips, not categorized

Homemade fire starters tnmike

Screw Grab, in liquid applicator LW Hiway
Motor mount digr .....Unistrut
Drawer slides digr ....Unistrut
How to cut a hole in glass? panhandle redneck
redneck flap/sanding sleeve Cutter .....wood dowel for polishing holes.
SIMPLE solutions to pesky problems by Mikey (and others)
non-reversing clutch........Started by Charlie C
Masking Tape by digr
Grinding Aluminum/Cleaning Carbide Burrs by Calvary & others
Bushing Removal by digr
Removing broken bolts & studs by Jeff

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Problem solving, tips, tricks and fixes.

Removing broken bolts & studs by Jeff

What is Passivating? and Cleaning Metal with Electrolysis.

How to cut a hole in glass? panhandle redneck
Radius Markers by Digr, irnsrgn
Framing square uses for metal by irnsrgn
Some Toys by irnsrgn
M Toy by irnsrgn
I'm a Cheap Skate by irnsrgn
Storage Solutions by IForgeIron
Grandpa's Bender by irnsrgn
The Orange Peel by david r

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