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Default Boiler Economizer Soot Blowers

School is over, so its back to work. Today I was working on the installation of Diamond brand, model S9B, steam powered soot blowers on 3 boiler economizers in a facility in Utica, NY. The boiler are 400 hp firetube boilers, firing either natural gas or #6 fuel oil. The #6 oil has to be heated to about 240 degrees (F) to lower the viscosity of the oil to allow it to flow and atomize properly in the boiler. The #6 oil at room temperature, has the look of roofing tar, and has to be kept warm (about 130-150 degrees) at all times to or the oil pump will not be able to pump it thru the pipes to the boiler, where additional heaters are utilized to elevate the temperature to the temperature required to burn cleanly. The oil when burnt in the boiler usually leaves a heavy coating of soot in the boiler and if equipped the economizer. The soot blower takes steam from the header and thru a electronic control system, blows the soot out of the economizer and out the stack. the object is to blow often enough to keep the soot from actually accumulating in the economizer and to even during the blowing process to still have a clear stack.

The soot blower weighs about 200#, and with the soot lance and hardware goes to almost 300#. The blower and lance is assembled then installed into the economizer, and sealed with a stuffing box type packing. After assembly the soot lance is tack welded to the blower outlet so it won't vibrate loose during operation. This unit has an electric drive motor and an automated control, with the push of button, the unit cycles a number of times, shuts off, then after a timed period, blows again, then the operation repeats its self until the boiler operator shuts the system it down.

1 - soot blower in the shipping box
2 - soot lance in its protective shipping cover
3 - control cabinet
4 - stuffing box
5 - assembled and mounted soot blower, awaiting steam supply line and power

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