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Default Tool - Hand Reviews

HF Wheeled Tool Tote Review by Lu47Dan
Cold Steel Knives - Most Impressive by TEK
The Harbor Freight Throatless Shear by cutter
HF Tubing Notcher by dubby
Electonic Dial Caliper by metalneck78
HF Caliper by rmack898
Ace Hardware Wrenches by Kevin B
Lucky buy...TSC 2-ton engine hoist by dubby
Jet MM75 Chain Puller by Platypus20
Wilton #63295 Welding Clamp by Platypus20
Red Devil #4050 Bee Hive Tool by Platypus20
Wright #3480 3/8 Drive Ratchet by Platypus20
Witte Electrically Insulated Screwdrivers by Platypus20
Jancy Sheet Metal Cutters by Platypus20
Thread Inserts and Intallation Tools by Platypus20
Denali 11-Inch Angle Protractor by LW Hiway
Granite Surface Plate by Platypus20
Chinese Hand Tapper (No Name Brand)by Platypus20
GearWrench Flex Hex Key Sets by Platypus20
Stanley Fat Max Tape by Rmack898
Harbor Freight #623 Dial Indicator by Platypus20


6" Wilton #1765 Swivel Bench Vise by Platypus20
Wilton 5" Multi-Purpose Vise by TommyA

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