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Default Hook bending jig

I've been wanting to build a simple hook bending jig for a while now. Up until now, what I've been doing is taking some scrap prices of 1/8" flat plate, welding on a chunk of 1" angle iron underneath to fit in my hardy hole, then welding on a couple pieces of pipe or round stock with the correct gap I need. They work fine, but I have like 10 of these things and I really wish I had an adjustable solution so I can stop having to keep making these stupid jigs. Sometimes I need it for 1/4" stock, sometimes for 1/2", and sometimes... I need a big loop like 1-1/2". But other times I just need like a little 1/2" loop.

Today, I saw this video where a guy took two 6" pieces of 1" angle iron, and welded on some different sizes of round solid bar to them, to use in a vise:

It's a nice simple solution to solve the adjustable gap problem, but I would need a few different sizes made... which I was willing to do...

But then I remembered seeing another video where someone used 1/2" drive sockets to change the diameters, so I decided to make both of them with 1/2" round stock. Now I can go as small as 1/2" round, and by adding different diameter 1/2" drive sockets, I'll have a ton of sizes to choose from, and still be able to easily adjust the gap!
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