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Next up are some hand finish examples of completed steps.

Pic one is of the edge at the second hit. It is well formed and no holes should be left. It is still kinda rough and textured. The last or next hit should be progressively and markedly smoother.

Pic two is of a finished edge. It is smooth, with no imperfections or extremely slight ones. This is going under the plate of the wall, so it will never be seen. You canget away with some imperfections in this case, but I won't get into that habit. Lots of guys do and it becomes second nature....then when you are finishing an exposed edge, they have troubles getting it nice looking because they were lazy in the previous steps. Just my opinion of course.

Pic three is a pulled back view of the second. I did this to show how far in Rogelio hit with the trowel. It is hard to see because of the shadow, but in the middle, near the pipes, you can see the shiny spot...that is how far he reached in on the whole wall. The concrete inside still needs several more hits, but the edge is finished. Now, he doesn't have to go that close to the edge with the machine.

Pic four is of my main finishing tools. These are my basictools and my mainstays. L to R...6x6x1/4 stainless edger, 22" float, 16" bullet trowel and 24" finish trowel. I use others, but these are the ones that get used the most. I can do 95% of my work with just these four.
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