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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
I have been keeping my eye to the ground for a urinal, and planned to run the drain out the wall to my nearest tree I am fostering. This would eliminate the yellow snow all around in front of the shop.

And I had planned on cold water, but now you opened up a new idea for me, I can throw out that 10 gallon tank I have saved. And I found this one when I did a look see on BangGood. And according to the URL it is in the Canadian warehouse.

If you must have hot and cold, you could haywire a pipe to the output of the heater and have it run to a conventional faucet.
I think that's like the one I got. except for the odd mounting from the back side of mine but I think it will have to do I just like washing the Gojo off my hands after using it, basically, only need for hot water other than the water is too dang cold in the winter time. and the one you linked to is a bit cheaper.

Although I think now i should of gone with the one. "or" one of the ones in the second link. would have been the better choice.

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