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You asked for opinions Dan, here's my .02

A 3-jaw chuck is a 3-jaw chuck, it will have "X" amount of runout, a set tru is a waste. If you keep the work in the 3-jaw chuck for all operations, then the part will be dead nuts true and concentric.

If you need to move the work between operations than you either need to turn it between centers or put it in an independent 4-jaw chuck and dial it in after each move. A 4-jaw scroll jaw chuck is useless as far as I'm concerned. If you have a production job to turn square or other than round material than a 5-C pot chuck or custom soft jaws in an 3-jaw scroll chuck would be my choice.

As far a chuck size goes, I look at it just like sizing a lathe or another machine. You can put small work in a big chuck but you can't put big work in a small chuck.
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