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Officially, yes. Unofficially, we’re more like our prime minister, we’re a bastard child when it comes to measurement.

Building materials here are all Imperial nominal sizing, though if you really want to work in metric, it is possible to find the metric sizes in textbooks etc.

Same goes for all our steel/metal sizes too.

I guess when it comes to measurement, I could be considered ‘bi-lingual’. I can quickly convert nominal sizes in my head. It helps that I’m also fairly adept at basic math.

1” = 25.4 mm
0.01 mm = .004”
1 metre is approx. 39”
80 kms is 50 miles
1 kg is 2.2 pounds.

I grew up learning metric in school, but surrounded by imperial measurement elsewhere. Helping my dad, as a mechanic, used imperial/fractional wrenches and sockets.

Any building would be done using inches and feet.

The majority of machining and tooling I’ve dealt with has been imperial, however, depending on the customer, I’ve also done a lot of work in metric. Most of my measuring tools I have both. Or they’re digital so switch easily from one to the other.

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