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Now this is what I like about this forum.

Up north, many people I talk with don't insulate
their pole barns (whether it's used for storage
or inhabited as a shop). A couple people have
complained to me, that they have rain inside
of their tin roof buildings.

Seems that the exposed roofing tin, from the inside,
condense's water at a pretty good rate during certain

One farmer, just had a new pole barn put up, I cautioned
him of this problem, and offered a solution of spending
a little more money, and having plywood applied
before the roofing tin is put down.

He laughed this off as unneccessary. He now is complaining
of so much "rain" inside of his barn, the hay is rotting
in definite "lines" where the rain drips off the trusses.

But I like this "double roof" that I see what you all are dooing
down south, and can see it working up north for different
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