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Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder
Good point, all my oberservations above are with my MM 350P.

All that I have run in my 12 RC has been Indura for solid wire and Fabshield 21B. But run fine there.
Sometimes it is such a big deal in how a machine runs wire, it could change how
I think about a machine. Esab had that wire (7 series) on their show/demo
truck running it on a migmaster. You could not even start the arc without
spatter everywhere,and a bead that laid out like crap. I had the rep find some
rusty -6 wire and it worked pretty well. I don't think anybody in their
right mind would of bought one of those machines. It's just not black and
white on wire or machines. I have a hunch the MM-210 would run .035
BR-6 nice.
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