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Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder
I have run both BR-6 and HB-28 recently, BR-6 in short circuit welding was not impressive, I have since heard out is was meant for spray, this did not come from Hobart but a knowledgeable source. HB-28 is okay but was not my first choice. I am currently running Thermal Arc's 70S-6 wire and will be trialing some of the National Standard wire when it shows up along with the new Hobart Quantum Arc wire. Still looking for a replacement for my old Indura wire.

Don, sorry to hear about your Hobart rep. problems. Our rep. Jason Rausch is great! He is also my Miller Rep. He is very good, just really overworked!
My Esab runs the Br-6 way way better (great in the short-arc) then HB-28 in .035. Every machine runs wire a little different. The Esab 250 runs
both well in the .035 size. It would not even run the Esab
wire they sent with the machine. It was 70S-7 wire.
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