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Originally Posted by arizonian View Post
I've watched the 2nd video of the failure over and over and from what I can see the self aligning bearings that failed were in the link between the eccentric and the top arm. Do I have that right?

The top bearing could be a heim joint since it doesn't rotate much. The bottom bearing does need to rotate with the eccentric, so maybe a better bearing? Or spacers/washers to keep them contained?
Yes Bill, the self aligning bearings are in the link. I think a heim rod rod end would do it or tie rod end from a truck for the upper end with a self aligning bearing on the crank end.
It did stall the motor, and good thing I was barely idling, or pto shaft twisting would be next.
The undercutter works well without power, but the inherent problems of tops bunching up occasionally and creating tangle, or a clot of dutch clover lifting the cutter bar remain. The motion of the bar helps create a flow of dirt and plants over the cutter without tangles.

I had the pto on it's lowest speed and was hardly above idle on the engine, but I think these bearings are not a good choice for reciprocation. I would be better with a sleeve bushing. The tractor will still pull the broken undercutter at low idle, and I found that speed is not your friend as the material flow gets buggered up past a certain point. Sort of no difference to any other implement. they all have a best operating speed.
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