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Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
It takes special skill in driving to be able to pick up the adjustable wrench you left on the bumper when changing the trailer ball out, 15 miles down the country roads, and it rode there all the way without moving.[emoji38]

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We had a busy weekend once where I helped run a horse show one day and then drove about 100 miles to a different county for my girlfriend to judge a show at their county fair the next day. At the end of the first day I had to pull somebody out of the mud.
The next morning we got to the fairgrounds and an old codger was working the gate. After checking our tickets, he came over to my window and pointed towards the back of my truck with his cane and said "young man, get out of that truck and take a look at this."
I did as he asked and found my 6 inch clevis sitting on my back bumper
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