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Smile Jewelers Lathe ?

I don't know how to attach pictures here but I have a small belt driven lathe that my dad put together a long time ago. It is an assy. that is mounter on a board for it thats about 20" x 26" and has a number of pullys assembled. Nice stuff BUT I don't know how to use it.
I have a bunch of his old tools as he was a machinist and he could make about anything. I gave away his old South Bend 7" swing and a bunch of stuff for it he had gathered over his years cause I was afraid of trying it. It's a tough tool and I just am too old myself to learn new trades. I thought that maybe learning to use the smaller one wouldn't be as difficult.
I thought some of you might actually be able to look at a picture of it and know what could be done with it... I thought itis "hobby-sized" and can't get rid of all his stuff, you know?

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