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Made Pins, And Cut The 3''X 3'' Tubing To Have 3'' Angle on the forks.

On the pins... I found a piece of 1-1/4'' ''hardened steel'' that I got when I worked in the coalmines.... It was tough to drill a 7/16'' hole in the pins!.. I had to use ''cutting oil'' and ''slow my drill-press down''!... I had to use the Drill Doctor to sharpen the bit several times!... The Drill Doc' sure is handy, and saves a lot of money!

I drilled out a 1-1/4'' hole in the ''flat-bar'', and allowed about a 1/4'' on the backside of the flat-bar so I could fill in the hole with weld.

After I welded the pins in the plates... Then I clamped the plates to the ''shoe plate'' and marked where I needed to drill the 7/16'' holes.

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