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Default Pallet Fork Build.. ''Quick Attach And 3PH Attach''.

I found a set on Craigslist... The type of Forklift these came off of is the ''stand up type''!..They are 42'' forks.. 4'' wide.. The rail has 10 notches in it, and they lock great with the latch!.. Also has a guard on the frame!

Another thing on the fork frame is a hydraulic cylinder... I took that off, Because I have no need for it on there!

Now, The ''whole frame'' will sit in ''between'' the loader arms! LOL

On the top, It's 5'' from the fork frame to the outside of the ''shoe-plate pin''.

On the bottom, It's 7-1/2'' to the outside of the plate... 6-1/2'' to the ''center'' of the hole.

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